Annual swiss tourism symposium 22nd/23rd May 2017 in Davos Klosters/ schweizer ferientag von schweiz tourismus 22./23. Mai 2017 in Davos Klosters

Dr. Daniel Fuchs wurde als Gastreferent von Schweiz Tourismus eingeladen, um über das Thema "Aufbau von Kundenbindungen in Südostasien" zu sprechen.
Dr. Daniel Fuchs was invited by Switzerland Tourism, as guest speaker, to lead one of the many breakout sessions, titled "How to create loayal guests from Southeast Asia".

Dr. Daniel Fuchs as special guest on 60 MINUTES BY Swiss Local TV station tvo on April 12th 2017 /                                                                                  Dr. Daniel Fuchs als gast in der fernsehsendung 60 minuten beim Ostschweizer lokalsender TVO am 12.April 2017

Dr. Daniel Fuchs at ITB Berlin, 2017 /                                                                         Dr. Daniel Fuchs an der ITB Messe in Berlin 2017

Graduation ceremony 2016                                                                                Vatel  INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF                                                              HOSPITALITY & TOURISM MANAGEMENT                                                         Martigny, Switzerland

DR. Daniel Fuchs as Guest Lecturer And Visiting Professor at the Bhutan Middle Management Hotel Program between 13th and 17th February, 2012

Guest lecturer at the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia 2010/ Gast Dozent an der University of Technology, Sydney, Australien 2010

Thailand Restaurant and Bar 2010 (R&B 2010) Conference in Bangkok